A Toast to the Flag
By John J. Daly - 1917

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What can I say to you Old Flag,
You are so great in every fold.
So linked to mighty deeds of old,
So calm, so firm, so still, so true,
My heart swells at the very sight of you, Old Flag.
And, there you stand with colors bright,
And, I think tis' only right,
That since you neither brag nor boast,
We bring you this heart-felt toast.

"A Toast to the Flag"
by John J. Daly - 1917

Here's to the red of it--
There's not a thread of it,
No, nor a shred of it
In all the spread of it
From foot to head.
But heroes bled for it,
Faced steel and lead for it,
Precious blood shed for it,
Bathing it Red!

Here's to the white of it--
Thrilled by the sight of it,
Who knows the right of it,
But feels the might of it
Through day and night?
Womanhood's care for it
Made manhood dare for it,
Purity's prayer for it
Keeps it so white!

Here's to the blue of it--
Beauteous view of it,
Heavenly hue of it,
Star-spangled dew of it
Constant and true;
Diadems gleam for it,
States stand supreme for it,
Liberty's beam for it
Brightens the blue!

Here's to the whole of it--
Stars, stripes and pole of it,
Body and soul of it,
O, and the roll of it,
Sun shinning through;
Hearts in accord for it,
Swear by the sword for it,
Thanking the Lord for it,
Red White and Blue!


To the Colors

By John Daly - 1971

Some regiments, when on dress parade,
Adorn their flags with strips of braid,
Edges encased in a fringe of gold,
Tarnished to yellow as the day grows old;
Certainly no way to elicit a cheer--
Yellow, the symbol of a coward's fear.

No place for intrusion such as this; forlorn.
Cling close to the colors in which it was born:
Thirteen stripes--the Red and the White,
Lord, O Lord, what a beautiful sight.
Fifty stars on a field of Blue
Shed their light on a precious view.

Rejoice in our duty
Of guarding its beauty.
This is Old Glory, the flag of flags,
Upholding your spirit whenever it sags.
This is the emblem of liberty.
This is the soul of a nation free.
This is the guideline that carries us through,
Flying it always as Red, White and Blue.

L'Envoy: The point not to miss
Is this:
These are the colors of the U.S.A.--
To be kept that way
No yellow,

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